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I work with businesses and individuals to provide attractive, functional, and easy-to-use spreadsheet models and reports to help you analyse your business's financial results and underlying drivers of performance. I can also create scenario modelling and performance reporting tools to help you make important business decisions.

Over-complicated and/or poorly designed spreadsheets and models are a burden for business and result in inefficiency, frustration, and unnecessary errors. I offer concise, to-the-point, easy-to-use documents with clear instructions that save you time and money. 

I am available for individual pieces of work or ongoing assignments.

Services include:

  • Performance reports (e.g. dashboards)

  • Analysis of business performance using Excel

  • Scenario modelling

  • Preparing result presentations (e.g. PowerPoint)

  • Improving existing spreadsheets and models (e.g. removing or reducing manual processes and saving you time and money)

  • Using data to understand drivers of performance and trends

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