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Small Biz Accounting System (AU)

The Small Biz Accounting System is an easy-to-use tool for sole-traders and small businesses to maintain their financial records, and provides everything you need to get up and running.


As a sole trader or small business startup, you should carefully consider  your individual requirements in keeping proper accounting records for your business. There are plenty of options available, though many sole traders and small businesses may never require the capabilites and complexities of the popular software accounting packages.


You will still need to consult an accountant/tax advisor to complete your tax return and other tax obligations and submissions. The Accounting System is not intended to replace professional advice in preparing your accounting records, so please consult a professional when in doubt!

The Accounting System includes easy-to-use worksheets with comprehensive instructions for:

- Sales

- Automated print-ready sales invoice

- Purchases

- Accounts receivable

- Accounts Payable

- Inventory

- Fixed assets / depreciation

- Bank reconciliation

- Accounts (trial balance / profit & loss / balance sheet)

- Journal entry input

Download here:

Small Biz Payroll System - DEMO FY21 

The Small Biz Payroll System is an easy-to-use tool for small businesses to maintain their payroll records.

Download here:

Sales Volume Report

The sales volume report is an easy-to-use template with instructions that you can use to report on sales by volume (quantity of sales) and value (dollar value of sales).

The report view can be changed between customer name, customer location, and product type and sorted in descending order by the current reporting week, last four weeks, last 13 weeks, or last 12 months.

Download here:

Price-volume-mix analysis

The price-volume-mix template allows easy analysis of revenue variances by calculating the impact of changes in volume, price, and product mix.

Download here:

Results Report - INDIRECT function

Monthly result template with automated column lookup using the INDIRECT function.

Download here:

3-statement financial model + ratio analysis

Linked P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statement, plus ratio analysis including Du Pont method.

Download here:

Speed Dating Template

The speed dating template allows the user to record guest details and their responses on the night. Matches are calculated and an e-mail template provided to send to guests.

Download here:

Volume Uplift Required Calculation

Example of a calculation to determine volume uplift required to achieve target.

Download here:

Break-even Calculation

Break-even calculator with cells for sales, units, and cost input.

Download here:

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